"Great learning tool!" - Helen W.

"We learned some things we didn't know before. I found this to be an excellent way of getting through the correct procedures instead of 'old habits'. I think this would be an excellent resource, especially as we hire more nurses over the years. This way, the training is consistent, no one has to be concerned about missing a step and the orientee can do it themselves." - Nancy D.

"Good details on the items covered and I liked the interactive part." - Cynthia M.

"This is awesome and is exactly what we are looking for!" - Jill G.

"Thanks for the opportunity to review the HIPAA training module. It was well done and offered A LOT of information that I felt was very worthwhile. Being able to start and stop when you need to is an added benefit. I liked the quizzes also. I would happy to give a recommendation for this training!" - Lori O.